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Our team at U-telecom manages the transfer of your services for you, so you can deal with everything in one place and with one point of contact. We take over your lines and billing for you so you won’t have to. Just sit back, relax and let us do the work for U! Our engineers can visit your business to gather a detailed line report. This ensures that you are not paying for any unwanted lines and enables us to gather detailed information about the services that you require.

ISDN2e – ISDN30 – Intergrated services digital network (ISDN) is a set of communications standards for simultaneous digital transmission of voice, data and video, an extremely reliable service which guarantees quality voice clarity. ISDN30 provides high quality voice lines for companies who require 8 lines or above, each ISDN30 connection will provide you with 8-30 independent voice circuits.

SIP Trunking – SIP Trunking is the new kid on the block! With ISDN lines due to be discontinued by 2025 SIP is now becoming a major alternative to ISDN. Here at U-telecom we would supply you with a high quality broadband or Ethernet connection to run your SIP Trunking through. Installed with the correct connection SIP is a highly reliable and flexible solution compared with traditional ISDN connections.

Please get in touch at or 03300 538638 for more info.

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