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Thinking of moving into the cloud?

iPECS Cloud brings all of the features you know and love from an on-premise phone system and delivers them through the Cloud.

Benefits of moving into the cloud:

  • Take control of your communications –The Cloud Portal features a simple yet intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage the day to day running of your telecoms. Fully configurable admin and user access enables you to tailor the interface to meet your business needs.
  • Your Staff can have “ one number anywhere” – We can conveniently integrate your fixed and mobile capabilities so that you never miss a call. Callers need only dial one number to reach your desk phone and mobile phone simultaneously: ongoing calls can be moved seamlessly from one device to another without hanging up the call, a single voicemail box can be accessed from any device
  • An on-demand service with no hidden costs – As the product is hosted on your behalf, you only pay for what you need on a simple user basis, there is no major hardware costs!
  • Lower costs of calls – iPECS Cloud is a VOIP solution, which to you the customer means cheaper call rates this includes free site-site calls also.
  • Flexible working – It also helps your business to become more efficient by enabling you to work flexibly with features such as hot-desking, home working and extending the service to mobile devices
  • Number Choice – You have total flexibility with the number you want to use. You can keep your existing business land line numbers or we can provide totally new numbers. You can extend your businesses national reach and use any local number no matter where your company is located for example you could use a Sheffield number if your company was based in Southampton!
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