Computer Telephony Integration

CTI allows you to link up your new telephone system with your office computers and your current CRM platform. This technology allows users to instantly save new contacts to a database and gives you easy access to your telephones call history, this allows you to easily return a missed telephone call by a simple click of a button.

This product is extremely effective when it is linked to your CRM systems. When a call is received you will be presented with all the callers relevant information held on your CRM helping your staff deal with the call in a prompt and professional manner.

When a call is received there will be a notification pop up in the bottom right hand corner of your pc’s screen. This will present to you the caller’s ID and will also show you any previous contact notes that you have on that customer. This enables you to put that personal touch on to any incoming calls by greeting that contact by name when their calls are received.

If the callers number is not recognized within the software it will then undertake a google search to gather more information about where the call is coming from.

Our CTI product can also show you the extension activity of all your office telephones allowing you to see if colleagues are on the phone or located at their desks.

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